Why Excite?

Fast & Reliable Internet

No Oversubscribing

Cloud Based Service

Experienced Executive Team

Quality Customer Service

First to Offer KA Band in Papua New Guinea from a geostationary satellite.

Excite Solutions

Broadband Internet

Internet Equipment Installation and Servicing

Local Area Network (LAN)

Network Administration

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Key Benefits

99.8% Up Time

Want an internet service that is online 99.8% of the tiime? Now you can!

100% Coverage

Excites internet service covers 100% of PNG.

Our Gateway

Gateway license and our Hub is located in Townsville Austalia.


Excite uses top of the line equipment. Dishes and electronics are made in Israel and United States, ensuring the quality is durable and reliable.

KU Band

Excite has the ability to offer KU Band internet service with coverage of 100% of Papua New Guinea. This allows even the most remote business locaitons to have a reliable internet. No matter the location of your business, Excite can deliver high speed reliable internet to your location.

KA Band

Excite will be the first company to offer KA Band from geostationary satellite, estimated to launch in 2019 in the Melanesia Region. KA Band has a much stronger signal and is less expensive than C Band and KU Band. Our existing customers will recieve priority access to our KA Band.

Wifi / Hotspot

Once your business is set up with Excite Internet, We can help you provide a Wifi Hotspot at your location. Sell our TopUp cards to your customers so they can access the Wifi. By providing a great Wifi experience for your customers, it will have them wanting to come back time and time again.